What is MommyCon? – Chicago Recap

This year was my first ever MommyCon! I was so excited for this adventure and opportunity.  MommyCon is the number one natural parenting convention in the United States.  With a two-year-old that is still breastfeeding and all the natural parenting I try to keep up with, this was where I needed to be!

20180302_114938*the beginning of the adventure*

MommyCon was three days of learning, entertainment and community that took place March 2-4th in Chicago, IL.  Sessions included tips on breastfeeding, baby wearing, cloth diapering and even sex after baby! Companies such as Ergobaby, EzPz, and Ju-Ju-Be were present and ready to educate families on their products. For months prior to the event, I followed the “MommyCon Chicago Discussion Group” on Facebook.  This group gave moms and dads the ability to build relationships prior to the event and then meet in person at MommyCon/DaddyCon.  New for MommyCon this year was the accompanying DaddyCon, a special series of sessions and games just for Dads!  The attendance for MommyCon/DaddyCon weekend exceeded 2,500 Moms and Dads ready to learn.

20180303_114004.jpg*The fun backdrop for MommyCon hashtag printer*

MommyCon started Friday afternoon with great sessions and a special sneak peek of vendors called “Sip & Shop”.  Friday was open to VIP ticket holders, three-day ticket holders and media only.  My group and I participated in a Groovaroo flash mob dance to start off the “Sip & Shop”!  It was a fun choreographed dance filled with baby wearing parents (and a few strollers). We had a blast!  VIP ticket holders were treated to complimentary henna tattoos and glitter lips, how fun right?

20180302_162234*My spectacular henna by Crescent Moon Henna*
20180303_101205.jpg*The view from the play area for kids*

On Saturday the event was in full swing! The halls were full, the sessions were buzzing, and the communities were building.  Here’s a few of the highlights – sessions from Saturday:  “Potty Training Through Parenting with Laura Wojwhere I learned new tips for the beginning stages of potty training.  Laura taught us how to use baby-led training complete with fun Potty Training Punch Cards (Like a coffee card for your potty training toddler!). “Sleep Consultations with Rebecca Michi” which was one of the most beneficial sessions I attended. This has helped me with my two year old’s sleeping pattern. Her methods for ending night feedings have proven to be successful! “Crouching Mommas, Hidden Cameras by Erica Hafferty” Erica taught us how to take camera quality photos with just our phones! Catching the perfect angle and capturing the unforgettable moments. “Managing the Motherload with Julie Cole” and “Fathers Raising Daughters by Michael Redden”.

*Potty Training Through Parenting with Laura Wok*

In the evening, Ju-Ju-Be hosted a “Pink Lady Get Together” which was open to the Ju-Ju-Be fan club known as the “Pink Ladies”.  It was a wonderful place to meet new friends! They had a bag scavenger hunt that encouraged us to get up from our tables and go and meet new moms, with incentive of course, then they gave out a nice selection of new bags.

20180303_163716.jpg 20180304_113419.jpg
*Ju-Ju-Be Pink Lady Get Together*

It was sad to think that Sunday was the last day of this educational adventure.  The sessions and shopping continued but most importantly the relationships were strong!  As a mom that lives in the country, I don’t have many opportunities to meet other moms. MommyCon broke down that wall (or plowed that cornfield 😉 ) and made a connection for us.  It was so wonderful to have somewhere to go and meet like-minded families.  I drove my 325 miles back home with a new community and a new event to look forward to each year!




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