My family and I had the pleasure of attending Akron Symphony Orchestra’s Live Performance of Harry Potter & the Chamber of Secrets at EJ Thomas Hall in Akron on April 21st.  The combination of live orchestra and full length movie was like no other.  My husband and I are huge Harry Potter fans, we watch the complete series at least three times a year.

At first, I was skeptical to take my two-year-old with this being her first big screen movie but I was pleasantly surprised. For her, my favorite part might have been the way the staff welcomed her with smiles and fun discussions (fit for a two-year-old) and even offered a booster to use in her seat.

Our seats were in the perfect location, just a few rows from the live orchestra.

My daughter, Addison, was simply mesmerized by the music and the different instruments.  Once the movie began, she was glued to the screen.  I  appreciate how this was made to be great for families. The conductor encouraged families to clap and praise and carry on throughout the movie.  And let me tell you, they did! Families, teenagers, couples, and even grandparents enjoyed this unique and exciting experience.


When the next movie comes to your town, grab your tickets, your wands and your robes and prepare to be taken to the magical world of Harry Potter live in Concert!






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