There’s a Party In Chicago, Are You On the List?!

T-minus SEVEN days until KidCon in Chicago, IL.. This has been a teased event since Spring and my toddler and I are ready!


KidCon is the newest baby created by Parent & Co HQ that brought us MommyCon. Kidcon is said to be the very first “Kid Convention” focusing on ALL ages, 0-99. The hype has been built and I am super excited to attend the very first one December 7th-8th in Chicago.

While looking at the schedule, I couldn’t help but start to prepare my list of speakers I want to hear. The topics are well spread and great points of interest…

Mat York of ThatDadMat ( will be speaking about what to do with all your baby gear once you’re done having babies, now while I am not done having babies, I am super intrigued to prepare for the future! Plus my history with buy/sell/trades, I am super excited to hear what he recommends.

Chelsea Surplus will bring us the forever feared, “how to talk to kids about sex”. While I am a WAYS away from having this discussion (my daughter is going on three). I have her on my scheduled list of speakers 😉 Plus I had the pleasure of meeting Chelsea at a fun little Pop Up event back in August, she’s superb!

Some of the other topics, Sensory Hour, Teenage Friendships, Understanding your own body language and many more! I won’t go into super detail because you can visit to view the full line up.

There will also be special zones for kids throughout the exhibitor hall, how fun are theses?


If you are in the greater Chicago area next weekend or even a short drive like me (6.5 hours, haha) make the trip! Find me and say hi 🙂



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