The Kidcon Hangover is REAL!

This weekend we had the pleasure of spending the weekend in Chicago, IL for the Kidcon event. I think I am barely recovering from the 7 hour drive home yesterday! 😀 I have already knocked out an entire pot of coffee and my eyes are still heavy.


As I posted previously, Kidcon is the baby of the Parent & Co brand. It was super exciting to attend the first ever Kidcon in Chicago this past Friday and Saturday.

My daughter (almost three) was able to participate in just about every event/activity that they had.

We made slime, jungled through an obstacle course, played musical instruments, crushed the Yo-Yo, build the amazing E-Blox circuit boards and even got to meet some famous Princesses.

My favorite part of the weekend was being able to see my friends, my community, my people! All of which were brought together by Parent & Co events. Each of these women *& Mat too!* have been such good friends, supports and all around great mamas/dads!!! Thank you each and everyone for making me feel loved!

I look forward to what Kidcon will bring around next year and encourage everyone to follow them to see if they’re coming to a town near you in 2019 😉

They always take such good care of attendees too! Here is a sneak at the VIP bags and ROOM DROPS for staying in the Kidcon hotel block!



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