Motherhood Mondays | Series 1


Motherhood Mondays are back! Bringing you my favorite products, only the best of the best! Personally curated and tested by me and my family. Photographs are original and laid out to be aesthetically pleasing 🙂

motherhood mondays
Series 1 Image 5
First on the list is the amazing and honest story from @lisaleonard, her words reached deep into my soul and really helped me think through a lot of stuff going on in my life. I have never related so closely to feelings with anyone!
You can purchase this book through my affiliate link on Amazon here!
Series 1 Image 4
Next up is this super cute duffel bag from @freethemother, “Mothers Move Mountains” 🏔 isn’t that the truth? Mom’s can do it if they put their mind to it!
~Series 1 Wise mother

Have you heard of @wisemothermag? It’s a biannual publication full of motherly lovin’! It has stories, products and photos that speaks to Motherhood. They also have a podcast!!! You can purchase the PDF version on their website!

The newest @jujube_intl release threatens my love for all other JuJuBe prints! It’s floral, rose gold and PURPLE!!! It’s contrast works well with my entire earth tone wardrobe. Click here to view the whole collection.
Series 1 Image 3
Jewelry is one of my personal creations, that I do in my spare time.. jk, what is that?? 😂
In all honesty, I absolutely love making jewelry. I wish I could do it full time! Stringing, twisting, tying, it all brings me so much joy!
Series 1 Image 2
Lastly, have you ever had a macaroon? If not, you need to find your local amazing bakery/pastry store and try one! Today’s are brought to you by @kelseyelizabethcakes in Avon/Rocky River, OH

Every other week I will do a Motherhood Monday feature I apologize these two will be back to back, I should have posted this one sooner!

Email me if you’d like to be featured!


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