Motherhood Mondays | Series 2


Join me for Series 2 of Motherhood Mondays! A great collection of must have items! Bringing you my favorite products, personally curated and tested by me and my family. Photographs are original, can be used with permission/credit! I hope you enjoy our second round!

Series 2


First up are the “Nicole” LYMIA sunglasses from The Sensible Mama – These sunglasses are super cute and very practical. They come in a handful of colors but my choice was black. They are polarized with wood grain frames, LYMIA engraved on the sides. Bonus, the amazing bamboo case they come in. Click here for my Sensible Mama Affiliate Link


Next up is a collection of goodies from Whole Love Organics – I had the pleasure of meeting Grace back in August and I just fell in love with her products! Pictured are a few of my favorites: Lavender Organic Vegan Deodorant, Coffee Lip Butter, and Nourishing Lotion Stick in Citrus. These are just a few of the products I use every day 🖤
Mom Daze is easily one of my favorite small shops. This Mom Gang keychain is at the top of my list of the everything. You can purchase these on her Etsy!

Lemon Vines makes some incredible jewelry. This necklace is amazonite, which is a calming stone. It’s helped me a lot with my depression and anxiety the last few weeks. They also sell amber necklaces for all ages.

The Itzy Ritzy spider delivers with these amazing and simple “Snack and Everything bags” they’re nicely lined, convenient and you can use them for everything!!! I use them for snacks, toys, makeup, wipes, tools and even dog treats! Use code CJB25 for 25% off your purchase on their website!
img_8459 img_8460img_8461

Lastly I want to share the breakthrough in Diaper bags for mamas of not-so-little-anymore babies! The TwelveLittle diaper clutch is ideal for moms who don’t necessarily need to carry a whole diaper bag. My daughter is about to turn three and I find myself needing to carry less and less. The diaper clutch offers space for diapers, wipes, extra set of clothes and even my wallet! It comes in super stylish colors but I am loving my camo print! The strap is easily removable so you can use it at a Crossbody or tuck it into another bag. I love the fact that it has the snaps on the sides to stop it from unzipping all the way. The open shot shows the changing pad and the removable mesh pouch. Check them out for yourself HERE (amazon affiliate link)

& As Always, Stay Caffeinated

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